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High Power Air Suction Pump, Vacuum Cleaner Motor

If you are looking for a suction pump then this blog is for you. We will discuss the most powerful air suction pump in 12v DC supply. This one is a high power Air suction pump can be used in vacuum cleaner, suction pump, dust collector etc. It works with 12v dc supply. Let's have some look of this pump -

from inlet this pump sucks air at high speed and in outlet it throws air. The casing is made of Hard Plastic. You can open the casing also.

This is the back side pic. You can check its aerodynamic view. This view gives the pump high power to suck and throw the air.

The inner Impeller is made of Aluminum and design is very good according to Aerodynamic shape.

Purchase Link -

This one is the top view. You need to use a strainer or cloth piece so that dust don't insert in the blade.

Full Unbox video -

Below here you will get ful dimensions -

If you are using a battery then use lead acid battery or lithium ion battery. 6 to 12v.

get best result at 12v. If you are using adapter then use 12v 5A power adapter.

Hope all of you like this blog. If i missed any information in this blog comment here so that i can update that.

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Sep 21, 2021

This product is not available to buy. Please required it for my project.

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