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How to Check Lithium Battery Capacity?

If you have a lithium battery and want to know whether its capacity is original or not, then you probably need this blog to read out.


i am sayan and i will guide you how to test your battery capacity in most easiest way.

So let me thing you have a battery of 12volt or 24volt and its rated of 10 or 20Ah. But the back up is not good as its mention to be. Or you have made it yourself and worried that the capacity is not good. SO there is a machine comes which can test the battery capacity. The machine can measure lithium battery capacity in real time and show you whether the battery provides you the correct AH or not.

So this is Myinnovation Brand "Lithium Battery Discharge Machine"

Its a Indian Brand and delivery to all over india within a week. Full trusted and verified by Us.

So this machine can measure the Capacity of battery pack from 12volt to 72volt and from 10AH to 100AH. Is not is awesome??

Now let me give you some more details of this Machine. I think you must be quite interesting about this machine.

How to use-

1. Plug the cable to AC 220v line. On the back side of the machine, Turn on RED switch to on the machine.

2. On the front of the machine one black switch is there. This switch middle is off, upper turn is high mode, lower turn is low mode. First turn the switch to middle. Connect the battery to machine red and black terminal using Crocodile Clip. Remember Red for positive and Black for Negative.

3. Connect battery According to machine Specification. It should be 48 to 72volt. If you need high mode or fast discharge then turn the black switch to upper, if need low mode then switch to lower.

4. Connect the temperature sensor to battery (best result if connect on BMS) using a good quality tape.

5. To reset the value of the meter, click the display switch for 5sec.

Safe to Use –

1. Machine will heat up during discharge. Machine metal body will be heat up a little.

2. Don’t Put any item near the machine of 0.5m radius.

3. Don’t Block the machine’s Cooling fan in Any Way.

4. If cooling fan Not working, Don’t Use the Machine.

5. Do not Short Machine Terminals.

6. Don’t Discharge battery Over 5Amps Discharge Current.

7. Don’t use battery voltage more than 72volt and lower then 48volt.

8. This machine discharge only battery, Do not connect adapter or SMPS with it.

Warranty Policy –

This machine comes with 1 years warranty on inner parts of the machine and 6 months warranty on the Display of the Machine from the date of purchase. For warranty Claim Contact

Contact No - +91 6291875356 (Mon-Sat. 11am-7pm only) Email us at -

Details of warranty-

• if item not working with in warranty period, then we will repair your item free of cost.

• In case of warranty claim Buyer have to courier us the Machine at his own cost. When Machine is repaired we pay the courier charge to deliver the item to buyer address.

• Warranty void if found in physical damage, tear, water damage, Connector cut alter, or improper Use.

• Due to improper connections, open electrical joints, wrong charger , wrong connection if battery blast or battery damage, we do not provide any compensation in that case. Buyer need to pay repairing charges also for the machine repairing.

• Machine serial no and hall mark label should not damage anyhow, otherwise warranty void.

• Buyer Need to keep the Invoice and Warranty Card (if any)till the warranty ends.

• To repair any warranty claim of the we need 2 to 4 weeks time needed. This time not include courier time.

Problem Solving –

1.Machine Not working?

In case if machine not turn on then first check whether the machine is powered with 220v AC. Then check the main on Switch is colour red or not. Check the back side Fuse also. If fuse damage use a 5A rated Fuse for this Machine.

2. Machine is heating a Lot.

If machine is heat up a lot , Turn off the machine for 30mins, use after that Time. Make sure Cooling fan is working properly and All the heat vents are open.

3. Machine Cooling fan is not Working.

In this case we need to replace the cooling fan, with a new one. Contact our Support Team for this. In the mean time don’t use the Machine.

Contact No - +91 6291875356 (Mon-Sat. 11am-7pm only) Email us at -

4. Is Display Reading is Accurate?

We have tested the result with many battery and with different AH rating. The Accuracy if the machine is 95%. +/- 5% can be altered hence.

5.How much time take for Discharge?

According to high mode and Low mode. If Battery is 20AH and Current shows 4Amps then 20/4=5hrs time it will take.

6.Display Not working?

If machine working for a long time and heat up, display will turn off for safety. Unplug the machine and cooling it for 30mins. Use it Again.


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