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Mitsumi Generator Motor, Is Best Or Not??

Are you looking for a good generator Motor?

If yes then this blog can help you a lot to find the best generator motor in your budget price with lots of energy produces.


My name is Sayan and i will help you to find the best.

Let me thing you are going to make a wind turbine energy or a water turbine energy sources Or something school or college project where you need a powerful generator motor with high power produces and low cost.

See this below pic.

SO, Its Mitsumi brand the most Super Cool generator motor with Lots of Power.

This motor can produces 50watts of power at a time. You can light a bulb, charge your phones, laptops. You can even use in Printer, Modems, WIFI routers, Small Fans, TV etc. This generator can produce 6 to 38volt wide range of voltage. You can use this generator to a wide range of RPM like 200 to 5000. With maximum RPM it can produces 38v aprox and low rpm it can go for 6volt.

Let's See the Specifications-

Power Source - DC

Item Weight - 240 Grams

Voltage - 6~ 38 Volts

Special Feature- Portable

Product Dimensions‎ - 17L x 10W x 5H Cm

Rated Speed - 200-5000RPM

Output voltage: DC6V-38V

Max load current: 2Amps

Output diameter of axle: 3.17mm

The motor output voltage is related to speed, the higher the speed, the higher the output voltage.

Mitsumi generator motor produces a lots of energy in small rotation. It can produce a lots of energy. Its original mitsumi motor. This motor can produce 6 to 38volt of voltage and with a max power of 50watts. RPM should need 200 to 5000 RPM to produce the required voltage. Motor also has a gear attach on the shaft to increase the dia of the shaft. Motor also has a back side shaft to attch other accessories. Motor shaft dia is 3.7mm

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Thanks for reading this blog. If you like this even 1% do a comment. It will inspire me to post more blogs in this website. Thank you.


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