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A Basic introduction to Arduino IDE with examples

This is a detailed illustration of how to install and set up Arduino IDE on Windows 10.

Arduino is a microcontroller manufacturer that is used around the world to develop and implement certain prototypes. Arduino has an easy-to-set-up system, that can easily be programmed using an Arduino IDE, by simply plugging it into a laptop.

How to download & install Arduino IDE

1. At first, go to the latest version of Arduino IDE.

Next, click on the "Windows Win7 and newer" to download the installer.

2. Then, click on the "Just download" to download the setup.

3. After that, go to the 'Downloads' folder on your computer where you have downloaded the file.

4. Next, just double-click on the "Arduino-1.8.13-windows" to run it.

5. Next, click on "I Agree" to agree with the terms and conditions.

6. Click on the "Next" button proceed further.

7. Then, finally, click on "Install" to install the software on your computer.

Wait till it is installed, close the installer.

Basic Introduction on ARDUINO CC

After installing the Arduino, you can easily launch it from your desktop. Just double click on the "Arduino" icon on your desktop to launch it.

1. Plugin the Arduino to your computer.

Then, double click on the "Arduino" from your desktop.

2. Once you have launched the Arduino CC on your computer, you will notice a menu bar and a white terminal.

You have to write the code in the terminal.

You will notice a strip of black screen at the bottom. Here you will get the output.

3. Now, you have to check whether Arduino is detecting the correct Arduino board or not.

To do that, click on the "Tools" on the menu bar.

After that, click on the "Board: "Arduino Uno" and select what Arduino board you are using.

(As we are using Arduino UNO, we have selected that from the list. )

You will see that a green LED light is blinking on Arduino. It is proof that it is connected to the computer.

Running a basic code on ARDUINO CC

Here, we will how to run basic code on Arduino CC.

1. At first, click on "File".

2. Then, click on "Examples".

3. After that, you have to click on "01.Basics".

4. From the list, select "Blink" to load the code on the Arduino.

5. Then, click on the right-sign "", just below the "File" in the menu bar.

Wait till Arduino verifies, compiles the code. You will see 'Done compiling' has appeared on the bottom portion of the screen.

6. Then, click on the "" key to upload the code to the board.

You will see the LED lighting is blinking.


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