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Lithium Battery catch's Fire, What to do Now? How to stop Fire?

You might come here because either your battery is in fire or you have a lithium Battery pack. Now if you have a lithium battery pack and its in fire so there are some steps that you could do to stop this fire. Lets jump on the Steps quickly to solve this Problem.

  • Don't Panic

First be clam and don't do panic. In this type of situate maximum people do panic and go for wrong steps. So take deep breath and do this below steps to resolve this.

  • Take the battery Away

if its possible to carry the battery and put it in some lonely place where no one can harm by it. if you have a electrical scooter then also take it to some lonely place. If its not possible to do so then keep alert and make people aside from this battery. As battery may explodes in this type of situations and can harm nearby people anytime.

  • How to Stop it?

Maximum time battery cause fire due to short circuit (battery positive and negative wire touch together) or wrong charging. When this type of situation occur just disconnect the battery wire, positive and negative separately. Some time both wire attach strongly so you can't dethatch then you need to cut the positive terminal wire and tape it. This is the only way to stop the wire and safe the battery for future from big loss. Yes its very tough to do as because battery is in fire and can harm you in that time. But if you could do that with protection then you can save your battery from full burning. Same thing for wrong charging also just cut the line and stop the connection. And still if fire does not stop then you can follow next steps.

  • Don't Throw Water on it

Fires on battery packs are dangerous. Throwing water onto it may go for explosion. Traditional fire extinguishers, such as foam and water, don’t work on lithium battery fires. Best way to solve it is to use Sand. Put sand on the battery to cut the oxygen and stop the fire. If the fire can’t be extinguished, you’ll need to let it burn in a controlled way, dousing the surrounding area with water to prevent the fire from spreading. As in the battery lots of cells are there each cell may burn on a different timetable when hot, so place the pack outside until completely burned out. It may take hours if battery size is more Big.

  • What to do After This ?

When the fire extinguish, check the battery very cautiously. If the battery is cold then fire is completely stops and if its hot then wait until its cold enough. Don't try to be a engineer that time and contact to your battery manufacture or car or bike dealer for service or warranty claim.

Best of luck for your Warranty Claim.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any query then you can comment here.


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