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Manchester United - A name of a normal club only. Nothing more.

Every type of game in this world records history. Every team in every sports registers record once in a while. Soccer is no different. When we talk about club football, intense competition in European countries it all comes down to the name of the club, history associated along with its name.

When we talk about football anywhere on this Earth, the English Premier League (EPL) jumps in within 2-3 minutes. And when we talk about EPL, European giants like- Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool always become the topic of the conversation/ debate.

Manchester United. Close to 142 years ago, a group of local daily-wagers decided to create a club in Manchester. Throughout the history of the EPL and Uefa Champions League (UCL), no other club has won so many trophies as MU. For a record number of 20 EPL titles, 5 League cups, 21 FA community Sheild trophy has carved the "Manchester United" name in golden letters. Even today, every Red Devil fans take pride "Ah! What a club MU is!"

History is history. Soccer is a game that doesn't care about history in the football ground. Whenever a team builds a worthless team, history doesn't come to save them on the pitch. It is the quality of players, tactics of the coach, support from the fans- all these factors decide the ultimate fate of the match. Even if it is one of the oldest clubs of football.

In 2020, Manchester United has just become the only name of a 'once-a-powerful' club. No aura of dominance, no premium or special name on the team, absolute zero vision while building the team, worst transfer performance has left the historic club at bay.

On the evening of 4th October, Manchester United was devasted by Tottenham Hotspur with a 6-1 margin at 'historic' Old Trafford. Throughout the game, the United players were praying to the referee to blow the final whistle. The defenders of the team forget to job-role, scattered like the folk of sheep. United's 80-million defender Harry Maguire was appearing to be a visitor on the ground, while Anthony Martial 'marched on' shamelessly offering a 'thank-you' penalty to the Spurs. The event became so horrific that Spurs players lose interest in furthering the goal difference.

This was coming. The defense is just baseless and looks barren. De Gea is good at his keeping, but not at his best. After miraculously securing the fourth spot (UCL playoff qualification) in the previous season fans, players rejoiced at their accomplishment. They completely forgot that the team is trophy less for more than 3 and a half years.

The match pointed out everything that is wrong with the Devils. Every goal from Harry Kane, Son Heung-Min has X-rayed the MU defense, exploited blockholes in the midfield, outrunning the front runners.

Fans are furious. They have every right to be. Twitter went berserk with trends indicating their wrath over the current Chief Executive of the club, Ed Woodward alongside the Glazer family, the current owner of the club.

They are not wrong at every mark at least.

Instead of focusing on purchasing new talents, the current management system has become undergone scrutiny for their 'profit-making' mentality. Lack of vision while spending millions behind worthless players, loaning in aged players, playing good players at wrong positions- the club has become a jersey seller, MU TV subscription distributor. This has left the club financially fragile.

It is tough to imagine this club had gifted Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Sir Bobby Charlton, Ryan Gigs once. Considering them this is a group of street footballers, nothing more.

Now on the eve of the deadline, MU somehow managed to grab Edison Cavani, Alex Telles. The real jewel Jadon Sancho was a never possible deal, after declining the buy-back deal of Sergio Reguilon from Real Madrid. Yet another 'failed' transfer window.

This is only the start of the season. Once the most prestigious club in the world is standing in the 16th position. Former United player, Patrice Evra suggested the fans "to buy a PS4 and buy Sancho and Messi and play yourselves.".

Manchester United is not forever.

Manchester United has just become a normal name of a normal club. Nothing Special.

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