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                                                                                      About Us is a news, analysis, opinion and knowledge website, launched on May 2020. It is sharply focused on National News& International trending news, Social media trends , Neutral Analysis  of trending topics, Sports News, Competitive Exam updates.

We are headquartered in Kolkata. We believe in investing in Completely Neutral analysis in any topic that is free from bias, correct facts and covering the both sides of the story.

1) What is all about?

We will analyse Every current news, Trending topics in our articles. Our analysis will be completely neutral. We can be minority but we we will always say the truth.

We will give special coverage of MOTOR RELATED TOPICS where you will know every details of different electronic gadgets and devices.

We are a youth oriented website so we will  give them every details of competitive exams conducted by government affiliated organization.

2) What is Our Aim?

In Today's world where we get bias analysis from mainstream media. We  will be the alternative to the mainstream. We will engage today's youth with concrete thinking, true facts, unbiased covering about the trending news, every updates of Motor related Technology, Competitive exams for governmental jobs update.

3) How we are different from other blogging Websites ?

We will give 100% accurate analysis, free from bias. We will also focus on marginalized news that you will not get in other blogging sites. We will be better on diversity about the topics we will cover. We will cover that side of the news that nobody covers. It will make a concrete opinion of the reader.

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