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DIY RS 775 DC Motor Angle Grinder

Let's Make a Angle Grinder Machine Using 775 DC Motor. In this blog We are going to tell what items you need for making this complete machine. Now this machine is very powerful at just 250 watts. You can cut metal, wood, pvc, grinding, polishing etc.

So the items you need -

  1. 775 dc 12-24v motor 15k RPM at 24v

  2. m10 connector set

  3. Cutting, grinding, polishing blade

  4. PVC pipes

  5. Switch on/off

  6. DC female socket

In PVC Pipes You need 2 end cap, 1 90 degree elbow, 50mm pvc pipe, 20 mm pvc pipe for handel.

You need to use wire of 1 mm. For attaching the handle use araldite gum.

Purchase link -

For powering the motor you need to use 24v 5A adapter for best result. You can use 10Amps also. Or if you need cordless applications then you need to use 24v lithium ion battery like 1.2/2.6 AH. In 12v you get low power in motor.

Circuit Diagram -

Video Tutorials for making this machine Step by Step -

Hope you like this Blog. If you have any query then comment below. We will try to solve your query.

1 Comment

Oct 06, 2021

What will the cost of this angle grinder. I want to buy it from you.

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