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Best DC Generator Motor

If you looking for a dc generator motor then this blog will help you a lot. In this blog we will discuss best dc generator motor which can produces 50 watts of power and Available at cheap price. This generator motor can produce max 24v and can be easily used in wind generator, hand crank generator, water turbine etc.

Purchase Link -

Let's have a look in this Generator -

Generator Dimensions -

  • Body length -60mm

  • Full length - 75 mm

  • shaft dia -3 mm

  • shaft length -10 mm

  • motor dia - 38 mm

On the back side of generator you can check there is capacitor inbuilt. Capacitor is placed so the the output of the motor can be fully rectifies in DC.

Generator Specifications -

  • Generating voltage - 24v dc max

  • Generating current - 2A aprox

  • Max generating Power - 50 watts

  • Best RPM for power generation - 3000 RPM

Now to produce good quality of energy from this generator you need to use gear set to this or can implement to a area where you get 2000-3000 motor rpm. If you don't get that rpm directly then you need to use gear set or belt pully set.

Unbox Video -


Sachin Kumar
Sachin Kumar
Jan 29, 2023

Buy kase kare


Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar
Jun 14, 2022

I will buy it


Mar 08, 2021

Hello I am Bengali.

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