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YouTube Vs Tiktok : Fierce Virtual Battle

For the last few days on internet specially Social media platforms are flooded with this intense issue.This debate started when youtubers started roasting tiktokers and tiktokers roasted youtubers . The debate gone wild after the video of specific tiktoker named Amir Siddique got viral. Celebrity Youtuber Ajey Nagar (Carryminati) replied to amir siddiqui by a youtube video which got record 76 million views. But due to Mass reporting video got deleted. We are not going into the debate at first but there were reasons Why that video was deleted. Carryminati’s video showed the negative steriotype of our society about certain issues.Especially the negative perception about LGBTQ+ that exists in our society.

But now the question arrives Which is better platform?

There is both negative and positive sides in both of this platform.First Negative sides of tiktok are it has such a low attention span. Maximum tiktok videos have such a low duration. Because of this type of small time attention span you will lose your focus on your study or work. Social media platforms small or largely affect your attention span but tiktok thrashes it. Due to this you will not fing long term gratification and you will get deppresed. Secondly Tiktok is passively addictive . It works on an algorithm due to that it requires no input so your mind gets switched off . But there is one or two positive sides of tiktok also. It has a low entry barrier compared to YouTube. Youtube requires good equipment , good video editing if anyone wants to be a good youtuber. Thats why youtube is a platform of upper middle class or middle class. Tiktok doesn’t requires this.

But there is positive and negative sides of all platforms. Some has more negative sides some has less. In between this type of Pandemic situation , when many people not getting food , Migrant workers are thriving to go to their own home by walking thousands of kilometers. This type of issue should get some less attention than what it is getting.


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