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World's Most Silent Gear Motor

Gear motor makes lots of sound when in operation. And if you want silence then it will disturb you a lot. SO if you are looking for gear motor which will create very low sound serve your purpose then this blog is for you. Today i am going to show you a special type of gear motor which will work with very low sound and give sufficient torque. This motor is world most silent Gear Motor.

Purchase Link -

Let's see Motor Specification-

Motor Specifications -

Operating Voltage- 12-15v DC

Operating Current - 0.01 to 0.3A

Stall Current - 0.3A

Max Watts - 4 watts

RPM - 100

Base Motor RPM - 6000 Aprox

Gear Motor Shaft Dia - 6 mm D type

Stall Torque - 0.4 or 400

Full Drawing of Motor -

Full Video Link -


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