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Binod! Binod! Binod!.......and so on for the last few days many netizens are commenting this name on different social media platforms. Many people after first time noticing this name wondering how and why this name is trending. Now we will solve the mystery. But we there are many direct, indirect and metaphorical reflection of this trend. It reflects our society, youth and many others.

We all know who regularly views youtube that many comments in popular youtube videos are cringe and certainly not goes with the subject of youtube. Slayy point an Youtube channel by portraying this thing made a roasting video titled “Why Indian Comment Section Is Garbage(BINOD)”. They put up a few comments by their viewers on their video. In an video a person Named BINOD THARU commented Binod on a video. Seeing this video viewers made this a trend. Every body wrote binod on arbitrary facebook posts. It went viral in twitter. Many youtubers wrote actually still writing when you are reading this blog this magical five letter word BINOD.

And as always like the nature of the market many company’s used this trend in their digital branding like PayTM changed their twitter name to Binod. Airtel tweeted their users can say “ Haan Binod bol” and tag them in a comment. Dating site Tinder tweeted and said that Binod is also on twitter.

This trend reflects that how we are using our time in this Lockdown period. But many people will say there are in previous years when there was no lockdown still people made many trends like “ Nagaar palika ko bulao” , “ JCB ki khudaai”. Yes there is fun factor in it. fun is always not bad but the roasting video by Slayy Point was made to show the Junkness or cringeness on social media. And by trending this netizens extended this cringe element. So we can say sometimes it is not bad to be Binod but not everytime.


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