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Left wing & Right wing this two words first time used during the French revolution of 1789. In that time people who sat on the Right side of the French national assembly were generally supporters of the king and who sat on the left were against the king and supporters of the revolution. People of first category were named Right wing and people of the second category were named Left wing.

But these two terms are now used in a Symbolic form to represent the stand on the overall discourse. Now the king is Capitalism. People who supports the system we live in and even thing we were better in a feudal system are called Right wing and those who oppose the current system and wants equal distribution of wealth more liberty change in economic , social and political system are called left wing.

Left wing spectrum generally moves from Social Democrats , Socialist to Communists and Right wing spectrum generally moves from Conservative, Cultural Nationalist to Monarchist even Fascist.

Now we will see the stand of these two political groups on different vital issues.


People in the right wing generally believe in the top to bottom development in the society. They generally waves corporate tax and increase wealth in the hands of Corporations. They think that it will help in the overall development in a nation. They are in support of Privatization and they keep government out of any big business management. In the opposite left wings are generally believes in Bottom to top development. They want land distribution, Minimum wage for the workers and food security for masses. They want Governmental management in Industries because they think it will beneficial to Workers.

Environmental Issues:

Right wingers don’t want environmental regulations to hamper the work of a industry. Many far right groups think Environmental pollution as a hoax. Left wing on the other side take Envionmental issues seriously and wants environmental regulations implemented thoroughly.

Gender issues:

Right wingers are generally traditionalist so they don’t believe in LGBTQ rights and Abortion rights in the opposite left wingers are Progressive so they are in support of LGBTQ rights and Abortion rights.


Right wingers are generally in support of private funded education and health system in the opposite left wingers advocates for free government funded education and health system so the poor people can get benefits .

There are many other issues like Nationalism. Right wingers are generally Hard Nationalist and left wingers are generally Patriotic but Internationalist.


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