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The most beautiful place in the world

'Which is the most beautiful place in the world?' - This is a controversial question that has a definite answer. There are quite a few choices to take into account here. A place can be tremendously beautiful for your eyes but can be hazardous for your body. Like the Madidi National Park, Bolivia, or Valley of Death, Russia. We have taken the visitors' review, accessibility, convenience, cozy atmosphere into account while choosing the most beautiful place in the world.

Ha Long Bay - Vietnam

The most extraordinary place in the world is in Asia. It is the Ha Long Bay, situated in the faraway north of Vietnam. The sheer beauty of this place is so staggering that you can't even blink at a picture of this place. This is a beachside location with a staggering view of the turquoise blue sea, often divided by rocks coated with lavish greenery.

If you get here, take a boat for rent and graze through this wonderful heaven on Earth. This UNESCO World Heritage site is covered with 1600 small limestone islands and islets that goes up to 1500 sqKm. The wide range of biodiversity can be enjoyed from a cruise in the sea bed.

Cat Ba Island is the most visited destination for tourists as this is the main island full of hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Alongside the Cat Ba Island, you can check out the Dau Go Island and Dau Be Island where you can find floating villages and fishing farms.

If you get here check the Hung Sung Sot cave full of colorful stalagmites and stalactites.

Visit this place of wonder once in your lifetime.


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