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Hi friends, in today’s blog we are going to show you all types of DC Motors operating between 3 to 24 volts. So let’s get started. Components used in here are-

I. DC Regulated Power Supply Unit- Voltage 1.6 to 16 volt, Maximum current- 750Ma

II. Two Multimeters for measuring Armature current and Voltage

III. DC Motors.

1) Voltage- 3V

Current-0 .45A

Power- 1.35W

2) Voltage- 4.5V

Current- 40mA

Power- 0.18W

3) Voltage- 4.5V

Current- 0.32A

Power- 1.44W

4) Voltage- 4.5V

Current- 0.15A

Power- 0.675W

5) Voltage- 6.0V

Current- 55mA

Power- 0.33W

6) Voltage- 6.0V

Current- 33mA

Power- 0.19W

7) Voltage- 6V

Current- 22mA

Power- 0.13W

8) Voltage- 9V

Current-0 .76A

Power- 6.8W

9) Voltage- 9V

Current- 0.11A

Power- 0.9W

10) Voltage- 9V

Current- 0.5A

Power- 4.5W

11) Voltage- 9V

Current- 56mA

Power- 0.5W

12) Voltage- 9V

Current- 17mA

Power- 0.15W

13) Voltage- 9V

Current- 20mA

Power- 0.18W

14) Voltage- 12V

Current- 90mA

Power- 1.08W

15) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.11A

Power- 1.32W

16) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.70A

Power- 8.4W

17) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.10A

Power- 1.2W

18) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.16A

Power- 1.92W

19) Voltage- 12V

Current- 50mA

Power- 0.6W

20) Voltage- 12V

Current- 35mA

Power- 0.42W

21) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.2A

Power- 2.4W

22) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.17A

Power- 2.0W

23) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.18A

Power- 2.16W

24) Voltage- 12V

Current- 0.15A

Power- 1.8W

That’s it! Thank You.


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