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RS 775 DC Motor 12v 13000 RPM, Full DataSheet

DC 775 Motor comes Different verity. Today's blog we are going to full unbox RS 775 motor 14.4V 13000 RPM dc motor. Here you get full datasheet of this motor with unbox video and specification also. Let's Have some look of this motor -

As you can see this motor have two wire out from back. This is non bearing motor. Two screw in front to hold the motor.

Motor Full Diagram -

Motor DataSheet-

we will try to provide the datasheet in very easy way so that every one can understand this not only a technical person.

Suitable Power supply -

Here for this motor 12v lead acid battery or lithium ion battery or lipo battery will be best for this motor. AH should be more than 5 for lead acid battery.

You can use 12v 10A power supply to run this motor, better to use 15A.

Let's have a look in the inner coil of this motor. Its very thick winding. 23 no gauge wire is used.

Unbox Video -

Applications -

This Motor is high speed motor so quickly heat up.

So best are to use this motor is in power tools work like cutting wood, iron, grinding, drilling in wall, wood, metal etc. You can also use this motor in jigjag saw, water pump etc.

Hope all of you like this blog. If i missed any information in this blog comment here so that i can update that.

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06. Mai 2021

How many turns are there in winding?

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