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Mini 5v Water Pump, 3D water pump

Do you need a mini DC pump? Like a 5volt or 3 volt pump. Then this Blog will help you a lot. Here i will discuss about a dc pump which one is suitable for 3 to 5v and give much amount of water. We also provide you purchase link and video tutorial of this pump. First let's have some pics of this pump.

Its very small pump. Best for several applications like aquarium work, small gardening, plant watering, small cooler, peltier cooling etc.

Check out full Pump Dimension Here -

The motor is removable. So in future if motor gets damage you can easily remove it Without damage in the pump case.

Purchase Link of this full set & 3D pump -

Let's Check performance of this pump -

Those are quite a lot for a 3V motor and pump. To power this pump you can use your 5v mobile charger, 9v battery, 3v lithium ion battery, 2pcs AA battery(series connection).

Let's check some other photos of this pump-

Full Video Tutorials Of this Pump -

Hope all of you like this blog. If i missed any information in this blog comment here so that i can update that.


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