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Miami Police apologizes to the protestors- a new turn in George Floyd case

As of this day, the race war continues to wage on throughout the USA which sparked into life due to death of George Floyd. For past few days, malls were burning, shops were looted, demolished by violent protestors throughout the streets of Minnesota, Kentucky, Miami, Wisconsin and other 7 states. As of today, almost 4000 protesters are put behind the bars regarding the vandalism and civic unrest.

In a pretty ‘bizarre’ fashion Miami police eventually apologized to the protestors. In Coral Gables, Florida, every single police chief across Miami-Dade County knelt down to pray for the lost soul and urges protestors to calm down. And it worked!

We saw visuals of the protestors and police staffs are hugging in joy afterwards easing the condition of Miami and its outreaches. Crowds began to erupt in joyful tears, violence stopped.

In a troubled time like this action of Miami Police triggers a lot of moral senses and values, among which ‘Every battle is won by humility, not by brute force’. When same men with the badges in the same country are busy answering brutality with brutality, stones with rubber bullets and tear shells, this action of highest honor again prove that the police are also human, after all to err is human.

After the pop singer Halsey and American singer-songwriter Taylor came align with the protestors, Jadon Sancho, a Borussia Dortmund player has shown support as he celebrates a goal against Paderborn in Bundesliga. As he ran to the corner flag to celebrate the goal, Sancho revealed a shirt saying “Justice for George Floyd”, showing support for the US protestors.


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