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After the death of Sushant Singh Rajpoot one of the most discussed topic is Mental Health. People are now discussing about the Society’s reservation about discussion of Mental health. We should have discussed this issue earlier but Late Better Than Never.

Mental Health refers to cognitive, behavioral and emotional well being. It is all about how people think, feel and behave. Mental health can affect physical health.

There are many mental health disorders. One of that is depression.

Many people says that depression is a choice. But the answer to them is a Big NO. Depression is not a choice. Nobody chooses to be depressed for the sake of self pity. A man or a woman decides to end his life when he or she feels death better option than living. This only happens at the peak of severe depression. We should not let it happen.

We mix sadness with depression but there are many difference between the two things. Sadness doesn’t last longer but depression lasts. Many gurus, public personalities says Yoga, Travel, Meditation can cure depression. Yes it can but in mild cases of depressions only not in Moderate or Severe depression. In Moderate or severe depression patients live in a state of inertia so these things are difficult for them. Apart from depression there are many mental health disorder like Bipolar disorder, Anxiety etc. Symptoms can overlap between this issues. When any person is feeling low mentally that person reaches to his trustable friend for help. That can be a solution but not the best solution. Because there are many biological factors which determines mental health. As an example we may say many mother’s experience post partum depression after giving birth. Reason is sudden change in biological levels. Sustained stress is not the only reason of depression. Many people not get depressed with severe stress for long period. Mental disorder also occurs on mass scale during famine or at the times of wars. So best solution to cure mental disorder is to reach out to a professional. Only professional can diagnose the disease and can cure it. Mental health is as important as physical health.

There is a stigma against the anti depressants that is not fully correct. Many people thinks depression as a modern disease but that is also not true because mental health problem is there for years but we did not saw them as problem. In this modern era people are getting alienated from each other , Every one is busy in their own life, so much competition out there so getting depressed is not that much unnatural. So its high time that we take mental health problems as we take physical health problem. We feel compassionate about each others problem. When someone says they are feeling low we should not make fun of them but rather try to help them .


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