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How Was YouTube Started: EXPLAINED

So Today’s blog is about the creation of youtube. Do you know that Youtube , where video of 300 hours is being uploaded in One minute was created as a video dating site? Who created Youtube ? What was its first video? This blog will answer all of the above questions.

YouTube was started by three Ex Paypal Employee Steve Chen , Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. When domain was created in 14th February , 2005 it was started as a Video dating Site with the moto Tune In Hook Up. But on 23rd April it started to accept every video. But why youtube started to accept all Videos and turn into a video sharing platform? That’s quite a story.

Jawed karim first searched about Super Bowl Incident of janet Jackson on 2004 and searched a video clip of tsunami but he did not got any of the video clips. Then he thought about creating a Video sharing platform because there was not enough video clips on the internet.

So when not enough video clips were being uploaded Steve chen and Chad Hurley got disheartened but Jawed karim convinced them to turn YouTube into a video sharing platform. So when YouTube started to accept all videos Jawed karim created a channel and uploaded a video of 19 seconds on 23rd april. Video was about his visit to San Diego Zoo few days ago. The title of that video was Me At The Zoo.

Form that day youtube’s growth is exponential and going…..


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