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How to Use Timer Circuit 10sec Delay timer Circuit

If you are looking for a circuit diagram, connection diagram of timer circuit then this is right page for you. You get full specification of this timer circuit, with purchase link and How to use then this is best site to Know.

Today we will discuss about 10 sec delay timer circuit.

Delay time range - 0.1 to 10 sec

Working voltage- 12v

Price- cheap

This is the photo of the circuit. You can control both AC and DC line from this circuit.

Ac line range is 10A, 250v.

DC line range is same.

Now the question is how to power this circuit?

The simple answer will be a 12v adapter or battery. minimum 500 ma or 2AH.

You can see a blue color POT there. Top of that there is screw. If you rotate the screw on anti clockwise the delay time will decrease. if in clockwise then delay time will increase.

Connection Circuit Diagram -

Here you can see i add a switch on 12v adapter line. Whenever you press the switch on, the circuit will be on for certain time then automatically turns off. To start the circuit again you need to off the switch first and turn it on again.

Video Link -


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