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How to use 0.1-999m Delay Timer Circuit

0.1s to 999minutes Delay timer circuit connection, switch, functions. Every thing we will explain in this blog.

Now here we are using Mosfet based 0.1 second to 999 minutes Delay timer circuit.

Working voltage- 5 to 30v DC

Delay Time - 0.1 mini second to 999 minutes.

OP means Open Time, CL means Close Time, LOP.

this module is not for AC Line.

Now if you want to run a led of 12v rated then you need to input 12v. if you need to run a 5v motor then same 5v you need to give in input.

you can use adapter and battery both to power this circuit.

For signal use push switch.

How to use this delay timer -

  1. first power the circuit, it will show the function like P1.1 or P-2 like, After that it will show 000, then you need to press the "set" switch for 3 second and leave that.

  2. it will show the function P1.1 or P-2, then click "up" or "Down" switch to set the function. Here i will talk about the P1.1 first.

  3. after that press the "set" button once and it will show "OP". Click instantly "Stop" to set 0.1ms or 1s or 1m slot. If its shows 000. then its in second, 00.0 means its mili second, 0.0.0 means its minutes.

  4. After that Click "up" or "Down" to set the desire time.

  5. Press the "set" for 2 seconds and it will show the function P1.1 again.

  6. After that it will again show 000, and its ready to start.

  7. Click the push switch to on the motor or led etc.

How to STOP -

Click the stop button to stop the function in any time. Don't forgot to press the switch again to restart the timer.

All details of Function -

P1: trigger signal, the relay is on “OP” time, and then disconnect; in the “OP” time, as follows:

P1.1: Signal Retrigger, invalid

P1.2: The signal is triggered again, the clock is reset

P1.3: Signal trigger again, relay off, stop the clock;

P-2: trigger signal, the relay off “CL” of time, the relay on “OP” time, and then disconnect relay;

P3.1: trigger signal, the relay is turned on after the “OP” time, the relay off “CL” time, then the operation cycle, if the trigger signal period, the relay off, stop the clock; the number of cycles ( “LOP “) can be set.

P3.2: without triggering signal, the relay is on “OP” time, the relay off “CL” time, and has been cycling; frequency ( “LOP”) cycle can be set;

P-4: signal holding function. If there is a trigger signal timing is cleared, the relay remains on; when the signal disappears, after the timing “OP” time, the relay is; if another signal during timing, timing is cleared;


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