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How Television Media Makes Profit?

Do you know how television media makes income?

Yes Through ads.

But do you know how they get ads? That is what we are going to talk about in this blog.

Generally Corporates don’t get into ad distribution. They Recruits different Ad agencies for this job. Ad agencies will distribute ads according to viewership of the channel. It is very logical to say that they will want that their ad should have maximum visitors possible. But the question comes how can anyone measure the Viewership of any channel.

That’s where the concept of Television Rating Point or TRP in short will come into the fray. TRP in INDIA is measured by Broadcast Audience Research Council India. They publish Viewership data every week in their website.

But how do they measure the TRP data?

In India there is 80 crore Television viewers. They attach their PEOPLE METERS in 40000-44000 television in general and study their viewership and assume the total viewership of 80 crore population. This generally happens like Opinion Poll or Exit poll in the Election. There is many debates around this data for obvious reasons though. But AD agencies see this data and give ads to the channel according to this. And channels make profit by telecasting this ads on air.

Main victim of this TRP mechanism is News channel. More specifically English News channel. According to the data only 1.1% of that sample that BARC uses view English news channels so data fudging is so easy. And the whole TRP concept was started for the Entertainment , sports channels .But news channels also needed ads so in the urge of increasing TRPs and make more profit these channels Spreading Views rather than news. And fourth parliament of democracy is losing its relevance in India.


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