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How Lockdown has affected Our Daily Life

The lockdown in India due to the outbreak of the corona virus was started on the 25th of March, 2020. Never before was India put in a lockdown status as a whole nation.

We, the people, began to wonder how this lockdown would affect our lives.Children were

excited, whereas the adults felt anxiety. “How will we feed our family now?” was the question that haunted the less fortunate.

The lockdown was received well in the first month. We tried out new things to pass time. Some of us found new hobbies others took to the internet.For many the situation was not different as they had to work from home but it was still fine. The productiveness when one is working from home is definitely inferior to working in an office environment but we adapted to this change.

New videos on social media of celebrities cooking, spending time with their pets, spreading the message to stay at home was rapidly gaining popularity. Though our spirits were high we started to wonder ‘when will it end?’.

After the first month the situation felt stagnant. Everyday at home became boring especially when we couldn’t meet our friends. So how did we decide to get over this? The Internet…..again.

But some of us took to passing time with family. They decided that they were spending too much time behind a screen, so they turned to restoring the bonds that were fading. While some of us were spending quality time with their families others began to become more conscious of their health. Videos of people working out, taking workout challenges flooded the internet.

While some of us took to the upside of lockdown, there were others who were adversely

affected. Students who were giving board exams were suddenly told their exams were

postponed till further notice. College graduates who had received placement offers were

suddenly confronted with an uncertain future. Those of us that worked on daily wages were suddenly left with no work. Though the government did try to appease some of the unrest, it is difficult in a country of 1.3 billion people.

Currently, as of 29th May 2020, we are in the 4th phase of lockdown. Whatever positivity we had at the start is now gone.Millions have lost their jobs, thousands their lives.All we can do is pray and hope to overcome this crisis.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.


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