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How East Bengal club started? A unknown story

East Bengal is one of the legendary football clubs in Indian football and one of the Kolkata giants along with Mohun Bagan. Club completed hundred years of its establishment last year. In this hundred years it has achieved many things that contributed to its rich cultural heritage. East Bengal club not only limited in the football or sports arena it also denotes a certain culture that can be symbolized by fish like hilsa , certain accent of Bengali language and every thing of a group of people who came from the eastern side of Bengal Province in United India, which is now part of Bangladesh. People who were being taunted by saying Refugee.

In this blog we will know how East Bengal club started. The story behind its creation. On 28th July of 1920 Jorabagan football club was scheduled to play against Mohun Bagan in coochbehar cup. Sailesh Bose was one of the most important player of Jorabagan. But he was dropped out of the squad at the last moment before game. The then vice president of jorabagan Suresh Chandra chaudhuri wanted to know the reason why such a crucial player like sailesh bose was dropped. But he was un answered. Sailesh bose was the only player who hailed from Eastern part of Bengal. Many people said it was the reason behind it. The divide and rule policy of britishers divided the Bengali society not only on the basis of religion but also on the basis of region. After the partition of 1905 eastern bengalees felt alienated in western part and same happened vice versa. That match of Jorabagan and mohunbagan divided Jorabagan club. Suresh Chandra chaudhuri, Raja manmatha nath Roy , Ramesh Chandra sen left jorabagan club and established East Bengal club in Jorabagan on 1st august 1920 as a sports and cultural association. Sarada ranjan roy was the first president of East Bengal club.


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