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In this growing Covid-19 Pandemic one of the most debated topic in India currently is to Boycott Chinese product, called by Educationist Sonam Wangchuk. His call was due to the ongoing tension between two countries in eastern Ladakh area. But On 16th June midnight clashes erupted between China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) and Indian Army in Galwan valley. 20 soldiers of Indian Army succumbed to death due to this sudden attack by China's army breaking the border piece contract signed between the two country. Hearing this terrible news people of our country broke into anger. People called for a total rejection of Chinese goods.

But is total Boycott of Chinese product really possible?

To answer this question we have to think why are so many Chinese products are in the Indian market? Starting from phones, other electronic goods to apps and many more things that we use in our daily life. After they opened their economy to the rest of the world they got economic advantage of that decision. Firstly Private companies gets 'Cheap Labour' in China than rest of the world.

Now the question is Why Labour is cheap? Because their Government takes care of Necessity of Food, education, health, shelter of them. So less need of spending for their citizens. This Cheap Labour generates cheap goods. Consumer will naturally prefer cheap products, when choosing between products of same facility and use. Secondly their Education system is more organised than us. Government's experts suggest students in which field of their higher education they have edge over other students. And their is less status quo for specific discipline. So it generates 'Skilled Labour'.

And it upgrades their intellectual property and make products technologically sound.

Due to these reasons many products from different mobile apps to electronics devices and many daily use goods is either made in china or have large Chinese investment.

China joined WTO on 2001. They promised of more economic liberalization but over the years they exported more products than imported from other countries.

So to really Boycott China we should demand free education, food, shelter, quality health services for all that will give cheap labour to investors and demand well organised education system that will give Skilled Labour. And our government should promote more startups and encourage them to nurture new technologies. That can make our economy self sufficient.

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Sep 25, 2021

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