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George Floyd : Latest Victim Of Racism in United States

Massive Nationwide Protest has been started over the death of an African-American man named George Floyd. George Floyd who was 46 years old died in police custody after he was arrested by police outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr Floyd had been living in Minneapolis for several years. He had been working as a bouncer in the city but like millions of people he was left jobless by the coronavirus pandemic.

Footage of the arrest on 25 May shows a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on Mr. Floyd’s neck while he was pinned on floor.

The key events that led to Mr. Floyd’s death all started with a fake report of a fake $20 bill. A report was made on that evening when he bought a pack of cigarettes from cup food, a grocery store. A store employee reported to the police that he used counterfeit currency in $20. Mr Floyd was a regular at cup foods and a pleasant customer who never caused trouble said the shop owner. But shop owner was not present on that day.

In a call to 911 the employee of the cup foods told the operator that he had demanded the cigarettes back but “ Mr. Floyd doesn’t want to do that”.

Short after the call two police officers arrived. Mr. Floyd was sat with two other people in a car parked around the corner. One of the officer Thomas Lane approached the car and pulled out his gun and ordered Mr. Floyd to show his hand. Mr. Lane pulled Floyd out of the car and Mr. Floyd actively resisted being handcuffed. But Mr. lane explained to him that he was being arrested for Passing Counterfeit currency.

It was when officers tried to put Floyd in their squad car, Mr Floyd said that he was claustrophobic. Then Mr Derek Chauvin arrived at the scene he and other officers were involved in further attempt to put Mr. Floyd in the police car. During this attempt Chauvin pulled Floyd out of the passenger side causing him to fall to the ground. Floyd lay there face down still in handcuffs. That’s when witnesses started filming the incident. This last moments of Floyd’s life got filmed to get viral on social media.

Mr. Chauvin placed his left knee between Floyd’s head and neck.

“I CAN’T BREATHE”, Mr. Floyd pleaded and begged for his life “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE”

For 8 minutes and 46 seconds Chauvin kept his knee on his neck but after 6 minutes Floyd became non responsive. Bystanders urged police to check his pulse. Then Chauvin removed his knee and Mr. Floyd taken to Hennepin county medical center. He was declared Dead an hour later.

Protest erupted after his death Minneapolis police station has been set alight during third night of protests. Hasley, Actor Jamie Foxx protested against custodial death. WWE superstar Titus O’Neil called for people of all races to eradicate racism

Mr. Floyd’s death in police custody is a classic example of the Racism and black prejudice that prevails in their country. Prosecutors said that they are collecting evidence in this case.


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