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Electric Cycle Conversion Full Kit, 30Km Mileage, 25km/hr Top Speed, Lithium Battery

This kit you can use to convert your normal desi cycle, gear cycle to a new Electric cycle. This kit comes with 250 watts high power DC Motor with 25km/hr top speed and a battery of 288wah which provides 30km mileage one single charge. Battery comes with 2 year warranty and best build quality. You also get Battery indicator, head light, horn every thing. Main thing is that You get Special Battery metal casing with controller , key and charging socket Space. Let's have a look of this kit.

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Main features of this Kit -

  • Full Kit set as in pic

  • Lithium Phosphet Battery+ Lithium Charger

  • 25km/hr Top speed

  • 30km Max mileage on single charge

  • 2 year warranty on battery

  • 2500 Cycles/6 Year Battery Life

  • Special battery+ controller+ Key Casing

Original Look (Share One of our Customer)

Kit Specification -

Motor Details -

Motor power- 250 watts

Motor Brand - MY1016Z

Motor voltage - 24volt

Motor Load Current - 13.4 amps

Motor No Load Current - 1 amps

Motor Load Capacity- 150 kg

Battery Details -

Battery specs- 24v 12AH

Battery Chemistry - lithium Iron Phosphet Battery (LFP)

Battery life - 2500 cycles or 6 years

Length x Width x Height = 27 x 7 x 7.5 cm

Weight = 2.5 kg

Cell - FB IFR 6000 mah 3C EV Grade

Total no of cell used – 8x2-16 pcs

BMS Specification - 8s20A, with Heat Sink protection

Maximum Battery Capacity - 12AH or 12000 mah

Battery Energy – 288wh

Max Battery Power – 480 watts

Maximum discharge current - 20A

Maximum charging current - 10A

Battery standard voltage - 24v

Battery full charge voltage – 26.5v

Battery Low discharge voltage- 22.4v

Charger Details -

Charger Spec- 29v 2A lithium Charger

Charger Output - 29volt

Charger Type - Lithium Phosphet

Full charge indicator - Yes

Charger Autocutoff feature - yes

Battery charge time - 6 hours

Conversion Kit details -

Kit mileage - 30 km on a single charge

top speed- 25 km/hr

Max Weight Carry - 150 KG

Max Person Can carry - 2

Charging time- 6 Hours

Headlight - Yes

Electronic Brake - Yes

Battery indicator - Yes

Package Includes:

1 x MY1016Z2 24V 250W Geared DC eBike Motor

1 x 24v 250w controller

1 x 24v 12AH LFP Lithium Battery

1 x Battery metal Case

1 x Freewheel

1 x Freewheel Adapter

1 x Pair of Throttles(L+R)

1 x Pair of Brake Lever(L+R)

1 x 25H High-Quality Chain

1 x Mounting plate with bolts

1 x Axel with Nuts

1 x Ignition key switch with Two Keys

1 x Headlight for Ebike

1 x Plastic Connector Housings set

1 x Charger Connector Holder

1 x Lithium Power Charger(IN: AC90~240V, OUT: 29VDC/2A)


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