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Different Types of PWM DC Speed Controller

If you want to control the speed of your DC motor, Gear motors or Want to control the brightness LED light then You need a Speed controller or PWM controller. This is a Special type of Circuit board which control the Current from 0 to maximum. As you can control the Current then easily the speed of motor is controlled and brightness of the led also controlled.

Now this circuit board works with DC current. Available in different current Ratings.

So Let's Check Different Types of Speed Controller -

Water Proof Speed Controller -

This controller work on dc 9-15v 5A Max. This one is water proof Speed Controller. So you can easily use in water pump or in open environments.

Full Connection Diagram Video Link -

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5A Speed Controller -

This Controller can be used in 3.5 to 35v dc line and up to 5A current ratings. If you total current rating is under 5A then you can use this controller.

Here You need to connect M+ To motor positive connection, M- to motor negative connection, V+ to power supply/Battery Positive and V- to Power supply/Battery Negative Line. for 555 motor this controller is best.

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Video Link for Connection Details -

10A Speed Controller -

This one has a limit of 9-40v dc and current ratings 10Amps. For 775 DC Motor is speed controller is best. Means this controller can handle max 40x10=400 watts.

This speed controller have a special function of fuse. This fuse protect the speed controller from damage.

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20A Speed Controller -

This speed controller has a rating of 9-40v DC and 20Amps rating.

This controller has max 800 watts capacity. This controller also have fuse protection.

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Video For connections -

Now Still If you confused About which Speed Controller is best then Watch the Below Video -


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