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DC regulated Power Supply Circuits & details

Circuit for DC regulated Power Supply.

You can get max 32 volt and 3 amps from this circuit.

Required Components -

1- transformer of 12-0-12 3A

2- Diode of 3A rated 4 piece

3- C1 capacitor value 1000 to 3000 uf

4- LM317 ic with a BIG heat sink

5.- R1 resistor for LED indication 2k

6- LED for on/off indication

7- R3 resistor 1k 0.25 watts

8- R2 resistor is variable potentiometer 10k

9- C2 capacitor is 10uf

10- c3 is 104 no capacitor

11- switch for on/off 5A rated

12- Vero board

This all items you need to make the circuit.

This circuit can easily give you any voltage within 2 to 32 and up to 3A current.

Here you can use this DC regulated power supply board -

1 - Battery charging like

12v lead acid battery - set voltage 15v

6v lead acid battery - set voltage 9v

3.7v lithium ion battery charging - set voltage 4.2v

12v lithium battery charging - set voltage 12.6v

24v lithium ion battery charging - set voltage 25.6v

2- can power up any circuits for testing easily.

3- can run small and medium size motor very easily

4- works great with a 555 motor, 365 motor, 390 motor.

5- works great with LED also.

Full circuit diagram.

Only Voltage regulator circuit portion.

Watch full video That How to Make it -

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