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DC 735 Motor, 12v 14000 RPM, Full Specifications

RS735 DC motor is Very High RPM DC 12 volt rated motor. This motor is original MAbuchi brand motor. In this blog you get full specification of this motor.

Let's see some photo of this motor first -

Full Specification -

Motor Weight is 300 grms and has a max power rating of 300 Watts.

So as you can see RPM is 14200 is really high RPM. As the motor has thick copper winding so RPM is really high.

Let's see this motor dimensions -

So You might thinking which adapter or battery will be best for this motor.

12v Lead acid battery of 7.2AH or higher, 12.6v lithium ion battery of 5AH or more and 3S lipo battery 2200 mah or more is best.

Regarding adapter 12v 10Amps is best.

Now where you can use this motor -

Drilling, Cutting, grinding or any other power tools work.

This motor is not suitable for table fan.

Full Video of motor unbox -

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