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DC 12volt Submersible Pressure Pump

Its a DC 12volt Submersible Pressure pump. Small in size but good in water delivery capacity with pressure and speed. In this blog you will get its full details with pictures and video tutorial also.

Let's have a look of this pump -

The bigger hole is inlet and smaller hole is outlet. As you can see the outlet is much smaller than inlet , so it create really high pressure in outlet. The pressure pump has strainer attach in inlet so it can protect itself from dust, mud easily.

Let's see its Full datasheet -

this is a DC 12v submersible pump. means you need to put this pump completely in the water.

Purchase link -

Video Link of pump Unbox -

Usage of this pump -

Now a days this pump is using a lot in sanitizer machine. You can use this pump anywhere to build up water pressure, water flow etc. can be use in washing bike car etc, as a washer pump


Hope you all like this blog. If i missed some information in this blog comment here so that i can add that one also in the blog.


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