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Bhutan & Israel New Diplomatic Relationship

Within a few days after Bhutan established diplomatic relations with Germany now the kingdom of Bhutan decided to established diplomatic relationship with Israel on 12 December Saturday.

Bhutan who share their border with India, isolate themselves from most of the countries in the world. Bhutan have diplomatic relation with only 53 countries in the world. The govt of bhutan is very sensitive about their culture.

Israel announce that on Saturday evening they have established diplomatic relationship the kingdom of Bhutan in a ceremony that held in the resident of Israeli Ambassador in India.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu praised the new relations and called it “another fruit of the peace agreements,”

“The establishment of diplomatic relations would not only build upon the existing close ties but open the path to greater cooperation and further strengthen relations between the two countries and peoples," a statement put out by the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. “We advise them on topics that are important to them like water management, agriculture and technology... education and professional training as well. They’re very interested in the topic of medicine” he said.

“The establishment of diplomatic relations would create new avenues for cooperation between the two countries in water management, technology, human resources development, agricultural sciences and other areas of mutual interest," a statement from the Bhutanese embassy in New Delhi said.


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