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Best DC Generator Motor for DIY Projects, 75Watts Powerful DC Generator

If you looking for a Best DC generator alternator motor then this blog will help you a lot. In this blog we will discuss best dc generator motor which can produces 75 watts of power and Available at cheap price. This generator motor can produce max 24v-36v and can be easily used in wind generator, hand crank generator, water turbine and in any DIY Projects generator etc.

Purchase Link -

Let's have a look in this Generator -

Generator Dimensions -

  • Body length -57mm

  • Full length - 70mm

  • shaft dia -3.17 mm

  • Bush Dia -9.5mm

  • Front screw dia - 24.5mm

  • shaft length -10 mm

  • motor dia - 38 mm

On the back side of generator you can check there is capacitor inbuilt. Capacitor is placed so the the output of the motor can be fully rectifies in DC.

Generator Specifications -

  • Generating voltage - 24v dc max

  • Generating current - 2A aprox

  • Max generating Power - 75 watts

  • Best RPM for power generation - 5000 RPM

  • Generator Cooling fan - Yes

Now to produce good quality of energy from this generator you need to use gear set to this or can implement to a area where you get 5000-9000 motor rpm. If you don't get that rpm directly then you need to use gear set or belt pully set.


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