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Many people in India are extremely sensitive about their religion. We are not saying this is good or bad but this thing sometimes results in loss of Valuable human life and and asset. This happened on 11th and 12th August at many areas of Pulkeshinagar in Bangalore. Enraged Mob attacked Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy’s Residence and Police station at DG Halli & KG Halli. After they smashed the Street lights which forced the police to stumble around they used stones, bricks, flower pots during attack, they set the vehicle tyres on fire. To stop them police took action by which 3 person got killed.

But what ignited these type of Rampage?

It all started with a Facebook post by Murthy’s nephew Naveen. He posted something derogatory which is against Muhammad, Prophet of Islam. It is said that Naveen’s post was in reaction to another post by someone.

Police action:

Police arrested Naveen and 6 FIRs has been registered by the local police officers against the rioters. Organisation Named SDPI which is political outfit of Popular Front of India is blamed by many people for this incident. Police is finding evidence.

Political reaction:

After this incident of mob outburst war of words started between BJP & Congress. BJP National Secretary alleged Congress of Appeasement. And congress said that BJP is communalising the riot.

But why so many people got to irritated and the irritation resulted in Massive violent Rampage. Their can be a reason of their Socio-Economic background. Maximum people of that area is massively Poverty stricken . And the pandemic deteriorate their situation. Due to lockdown they lost their jobs and could now find a new source of income. At this critical time schools where their children are studying directed them to pay their fees. Which can push them into severe depression. But acknowledging the poverty their can be no Justification of Riot and Vandalism.

Many can be sensitive about their religion and they has every right for that but they should remember that their god is not that easily dispensable. If you see many people said many bad things about Prophet Mohammad in his lifetime but that did not affected him. And also his followers did not resort to these type of violence then. At the time when we as all ordinary citizens of this beautiful country are celebrating independence day and praying to their own god that pandemic gets over and people’s daily life can return to normal we should also pray and actively work for Communal Harmony. And every peace loving people can get independence from this type of Mob Violence which affect Innocent people’s livelihood.

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