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7s 24v E cycle/E Bike BMS Connection

7s 20A Bms connection Diagram. This Bms is used for making e cycle battery pack or e bike battery pack. You can use this bms in 24v 250 watts motor and 24v 350 watts motor. Though the max capacity of this bms is 24x20=480 watts aprox.

Here P- means power line for motor and charger both. And B- means battery link minus.

Now many people ask how many cell i can connect in the bms. Its 7s 20A bms so max load current should be limited to 20A and here for 350 watts or 250 watts max load current is link 14.5Amps. SO you can connect as much as possible battery, there are no such restriction. Like you can make 30Ah or 50AH also using this bms board.

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