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390 DC Gear Motor Full Specification

390 DC Gear motor is a powerful dc gear motor. The base motor is 390 DC High Speed Motor. This motor is 12-24v dc motor and more powerful than our standard johnson gera motor. In standard johnson gear motor 380 dc motor is used. But in 390 DC Gear motor 390 dc motor is used. Now 390 dc gear motor is more powerful than 380 dc motor.

Now Let's have a look of this Motor -

Now Lets see the difference btw 390 dc gear motor and johnson gear Motor. As you can see this gear motor is bigger than johnson gear motor so its more powerful than it. Its a perfect replacement of johnson gear motor in various purpose mainly in robo car.

Let's see inner gear box look. As you can see there are helical gears too. Helical Gears produce low noise and high power than spur gears. here in the gear box there is a combination for both helical and spur gear box.

Motor Specification -

volatge - 12-24v

No load current - 0.13 amps

Fu oad curent - 2 amps

RPM - 200

Stall Torque - 15

Stall watts - 48 watts

Motor Dimension -

shaft dia - 6 mm D type

shaft length - 16 mm

gear box dia - 37 mm

motor dia - 29 mm

motor length - 69 mm

full length - 93 mm

Full unbox video -

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