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When you people go to any shop to buy a clock or you type WATCH keyword on an E-Commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart etc then you definitely saw that the maximum clock is stopped at 10:10. But why? In this blog we will know the reason behind it.

But there is some Myths around it we will first check that;


1) Many people says that the inventor of clock died at 10:10 that’s why clocked is fixed at 10:10, many says that inventor of clock born at 10:10. Some says Inventor discovered clock on 10:10. Truth is clock was not designed by a single person. The clock we see today is a result of series of inventions. In the Seventeenth century Dutch Mathematician & Scientist Christiaan Huygens first discovered pendulum watch but there is no correct time recorded of the invention.

2) Many folks says that it is related to death of american president Abraham Lincoin. But the fact is Lincoin was shot at 10:15 PM in the night and he died next morning on 7:22 AM . Neither is 10:10.

And many says about the death of great American Civil Rights Movement leader Martin Luther King Jr. but he also shot on 6.01 PM and he died on 7.05 PM. Neither is 10:10.

3) Some people linked it to the Atom bomb drop by USA in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Though the atom bomb was dropped on 8:15 AM on august 6th in Hiroshima and on 11:02 AM on august 9th in Nagasaki.


But the real reason behind it is AESTHETICS.

1) Human brain generally appreciate Symmetry and the clock at 10:10 the hands looks are in symmetry.

2) There are many visual advantages of 10:10 position. U don’t understood what I want to say? Ok let me describe. When you see at the clock at 10:10 position it looks like a smiling face.

According a person in Timex he said that the standard setting was at 8:20 in every clock of that company. But it was looking like a displeasured face in that position so it was changed to 10:10 like Protocol.

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