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Who is going to be the next UCL champion?

Bayern Munchen and Paris Saint-Germain are going to collide on Sunday to take the most prestigious trophy of Europe, home.

Bayern Munchen has crushed through the opponents this year to claim the final spot. On average, they have netted 3-4 goals every time they have faced an opponent, irrespective of that team's pedigree is. In the quarterfinal, they have ravaged Barcelona with 8-2 score, while they cruised through Lyon with a 2 goal margin in the semifinals.

The team has scored a staggering 161 goal this season, given the 3-month break due to COVID-19! The main striker of Bayern, Robert Lewandoski has scored 56 alone. What an absolute goal machine!

The players at the upfront and the middle are just at the top of their lives.

The defense is also a strong point of the team. 19-year-old Canadian LB Alphonso davies has already proven to be a future superstar. The pace, agility, and superiority of this defender are just proving how visionary Hans-Dieter Flick is as a coach when the latter highlighted him starting from Bundesliga to UCL.

On the other hand, PSG is not that far from Bayern. The star-studded lineup has Neymar and Mbappe in their frontline. Neymar left Barcelona for €222 million for PSG in 2017. In the same year, Killian Mbappe joined the club. The team, despite spending millions of euros, never rained in the glory shower of UCL champions. So this time, Thomas Tuchel brigade will be eager to taste their first UCL trophy.

Verdict- Analyzing both the team's strengths, weaknesses, key players we have decided to put Bayern Munchen in front of PSG. PSG defense will have to be on their toes all the time while the waves of Bayern attack crashes on them. The first 30 minutes of the game will decide the fate of the match.

It's just hours left to witness the 65th Uefa Champions League champion. Will the Bayern Munchen lift the trophy for the sixth time? Or, will Neymar-Mbappe lead PSG to their maiden UCL trophy?

All your questions will be answered on Sunday night.


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