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Which is the most expensive phone in the world?

Mobile phones are not only limited to a medium of communication. It has transcended the limits of ignorance a long time ago. But the phone has become a symbol of status, an insignia of your amassed fortune that you can showcase on your palms.

But the average consumer-level mobile tops up at 1400 USD (roughly 100K INR). The highest variant of the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max 512 GB is priced at $1399. In India, the price is around 1,50,000 rupees. So you may think that is the costliest phone one can buy.

No. A big No.

The most expensive phone anyone can buy is not a normal iPhone. The phone is called iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose.

You may ask how an old iPhone 3 is the most valuable mobile in the world, right.

This iPhone is specially designed by Stuart Hughes, a Liverpool based luxury phone designer brand along with the eminent designer brand Gold Striker brand owned by Jo-Emma Larvin.

Coming to the details of the phone, the side bezels (plastic cover surrounding the screen) contain a total of 130 diamonds, each weighing in .75 carats. The front bezel alone is a 97.5-carat diamond!

The rear section contains circa 112 grams of 18ct rose gold that protrudes that cool rose-colored finish. The Apple logo in the back contains 53 diamonds! The navigation button on the front contains a single cut 7.1ct diamond in its 18ct rose gold mount.

Now, what's the price?

The most expensive phone in the world is priced at £1,930,000 or 18,72,18,535.

18.7 crore rupees for iPhone!

Not only the handset is unlocked. The seller has also clarified an additional leather satchel made from Ostrich's foot to be given as a complimentary with the most expensive mobile on the planet.

Here is a look at the phone itself.



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