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Which is the fastest bike in the world

Speed is life. We have supersonic airplanes, high-speed hyperloop to quench the thirst for speed. But when it comes to a personal vehicle, especially a bike which bike has wrecked its speedometer on the asphalt? The answer is - Dodge Tomahawk.

This spectacular motorbike was first introduced back in 2003. This bike has 4 wheels and there are only a few units are manufactured once in a while.

This mind-blowing piece of engineering looks like a bike from the future with a Dodge Viper motor at its heart. The 8.3 liters V10 SRT 10 powered crotch rocket is pumping out 500 HP, which shoots this piece of craft to 680 km/hr!

This motorbike is pretty rare as there are only 9 pieces that are ever manufactured. The Dodge Tomahawk is priced at an insane price tag of ₹40,594,258 or $550,000.

Apart from the crazy superbike from the future, we have Kawasaki Ninja H2R. This bike can also go supersonic.

This 'Green Arrow' has a Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four 998cc with Supercharger engine that can kick the speedometer up to 400 km/hr!

This superbike is available at a hefty price of Rs.79,90,000 pr $50,000 and readily available throughout the Kawasaki showrooms around the world. This bike was first unveiled in 2015.


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