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Top 5 most efficient and deadly Special Forces in the world.

Hi everyone, when we think about Special Forces the first thing that come to our mind is a group of people who are highly trained and equipped with modern arms and strategies to come in rescue of people when the scenario is too complex for regular forces. There are numbers of Special Forces across the world in the army of different countries who undergo special trainings to combat those scenarios. Depending on the country, special forces may perform some of the following functions like Air Borne Operations, Counter national urgency, Counter terrorism, Hostage rescue, Intelligence operations, Unconventional war situation handling and a lot more. Today in this article we will name the top 5 most efficient and deadly Special Forces in the world, who have achieved this place by their top training facilities and have proved themselves time and again in the toughest of situations. So, let's start......

1. The British SAS of UK:- SAS is the most highly trained unit in the world, Cornel David Sterling created them during the World War-2, to combat the German war machine. The training of all special forces are definitely the best examples of tough and efficient trainings, but among all those the training of SAS is quite unique, as each member of the team is trained by a MI-5 or MI-6 personnel for best tactical strategies along with physical trainings.

On 30th April, 1980 a group of 6 armed men stormed into the Armenian embassy in London and took 26 people hostage. After failed negotiation, on 5th May, 1980 the government ordered the SAS to conduct an operation was initiated to rescue the hostages. Shortly afterwards, SAS commandos dropped down from the roof of the building and forced entries from the windows of the building. During the 17 minute raid they rescued all but one of the remaining hostages and killed 5 of the six hostage takers, and captured one.

2. The US Seals:- The Seals undergo exhaustive training equipped with some of the most hi-tech equipment. One of the advantages of the Seals is the unparalleled US military budget, that provides them training in every geographical and climate scenarios possible. The US Seals are trained by creating actual battlefield environments which are nearly similar to many complex scenarios.

On 2nd May,2011 Seals undertook the cobalt operation under the CIA's authority and killed Osama-Bin-Laden, leader of the terrorist organization Al-Kaida. The Seals were able to enter the head quarter of one of the fiercest terrorism group, and they not only succeeded to carry out the main objective but also collected a lot of data, which were instrumentation taking out high value Al-Kaida targets later.

3.Israel's Sayeret Matkal:- Sayeret Matkal special forces is a special part of the Israel's military forces IDF. First and foremost they perform as intelligence gathering unit, conducting deep reorganizations behind enemy lines to obtain strategic intelligence. The force is also expertised in counter-terrorism and hostage rescue beyond Israel's borders some of their special trainings with innovative modern weapons and exposers makes them one of the most efficient special forces.

100 commanders of the Sayeret Matkal once saved nearly 247 passengers and 5 crews from a hijacked airplane at the Uganda airport. The force travelled nearly 4000 kilometers from Israel and successfully carried out the objective of the operation and killed all 3 hijackers.

4. Russian Alpha Group:- Spetsgruppa "A", also known as Alpha group of Russia is an elite, stand- alone sub-unit of the country's special forces. It is a dedicated counter-terrorism task force of the Russian Federal Security Services (FSB). It was originally created by the Soviet KGB in 1974. Although, little is known about the exact nature of it’s primary directives, it is speculated that the unit is authorized to act under the direct control and sanction of Russia’s top political leadership.

On 23rd October 2002, a crowded theater in Moscow was seized by 40 armed Chechens that involved 850 hostages. The hostage-takers had grenades, mines and improvised explosive devices strapped to their bodies, and had deployed more explosives throughout the theater. On 26th after a chemical infusion in the building, the Alpha Group stormed into the theater and eliminated all the 40 terrorists and successfully released all the living hostages.

5. Indian MARCOS:- One of the top special forces in the world Indian MARCOS is often compared with the US Navy Seals for it’s expertise in handling any situation in the air, water or on ground. Extreme trainings makes MARCOS tough nuts to crack. An Indian MARCO on an exchange program recently in the US topped the US Navy SEAL course with ease. All MARCOS are static line para jump qualified, and some are qualified for free-fall para jumps- High Altitude High Opening and High Altitude Low Opening (HAHO/HALO). In fact, MARCOS are the handful of special forces from around the world that are capable of being para dropped into the ocean with the full combat load. Their powers can be judged by the fact that there is only 2-member MARCOS team guarding the 250 square km Wular lake, preventing it from being used by the Pakistan based terrorists to infiltrate India. Some members of the force has recently been employed in the Pangong Lake area of Ladakh to keep control of any kind of aggressive movement from the PLA of China.

During the 26/11 attack on Mumbai in 2008, the MARCOS stormed into the Oberoi Trident and Taj hotels and took out the hostages from the complex maze of rooms. Then the brave MARCOS also fought and seized some of the heavily-armed terrorists before NSG arrived to the situation.

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