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The most expensive watch in the world

Since the dawn of society, humankind has spent an enormous amount of time behind the measurement of time. Around the 16th century, the present-day watch took the shape. Watch that shows time has changed so much today that you can even manage a video call with modern watches.

Watches are a premium commodity. With a simple twist of your wrist, the elegance, the class a watch showcases are just unparallel. Whether it is a Rolex Datejust 31 or Richard Mille Tourbillon, every eye shines on a premium watch.

So, what is the most expensive watch of all time?

The most expensive watch is a Patek Philipe that was auctioned in 2017. The watch was valued at a staggering 31 million dollars (228 crore and 68 lakhs!!). The 'Only One' was auctioned at Geneva.

The steel Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 - as it is known throughout the world is the only watch that will be made out of steel.

The watch has 20 complications, including a grande and petite sonnerie

This premium watch contains a minute repeater, instantaneous perpetual calendar with a four-digit year display. There are a second-time zone and a 24-hour and minute subdial.

The most unique part of this watch is that it has two dials!! The front dial with a color of salmon and the reverse part is colored in night black - both the dials show time and year! So you don't have to see whether you wearing the right side or not.

Well, the buyer of the watch remains anonymous, here is a picture of the 'ONE AND ONLY' Patek Philipe.


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