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The most beautiful fish in the world

Well, this is a matter of debate when it comes to fond out the most beautiful of anything. Starting from any natural wonder to even actor/ actresses, you will be in a moment of doubt if someone asks you 'What is the most beautiful ... thing in the world?'.

There are more than a thousand species of fishes in the world. We can specify them in traits and decide which species is the best in what category.

There are most vile fish and there are some delicious! But when it comes to deciding which one is the most beautiful fish in the world, it becomes tough. There are many criteria needed to announce an ultimate victor! Traits like availability, uniqueness, and originality are the main criteria we have used in our process.

The most wonderful and beautiful fish in the world is the...

Mandarin fish or Mandarin Dragonet 👑

Latin Name - Synchiropus splendidus

Though this fish species is commonly seen in the oceans, still you can keep it in a contained environment at your abode.

There are many blue color fish species are present in this world. So what is the originality of this kind, you may ask! Well, this is one of only two blue-colored fish that can produce its color itself.

Any color like Peacock's complexion is just because it has colorless cells on its body that reflect blue color. But things are completely different for the Mandarin Fish. The fish has blue pigment cells called Cyanophore- that's why they are so extraordinary.

The members of this splendid fish species carry an aura of extreme blue with occasional streams of golden patterns all over its body.

This fish usually found in South-Western Pacific oceans at a depth of 18m. This fish consumes bottom-dwelling invertebrates.

But wait. This is a varmint in the shape of beauty. The vibrant color also signals that these fish should not be consumed by any animal. The body of this fish is covered in a toxic mucus coating, making it even tougher to catch.

But still, in a tank full of all types of fish, this fish will swim aside to bamboozle you. Keep a close eye.

You may catch a glimpse of this wonder at your nearest aquarium store!



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