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RS 775 DC Motor Full Specification

This blog will provide you all the necessary information that you might need when you want to do some work with a RS775 DC motor.

Before starting let me tell you that we also provide all video links for 775 motor testing.

It includes motor current in Load and No load, voltage , torque, Suitable Adapter or battery and RPM also.

So as we all know that RS 775 is a very popular type motor. Its very common and powerful in DC 12-24 volt range motor.

You might ask what is that 775 means, its just a serial no to denote this motor..

Its a standard pic of 775 motor with bearing. 775 dc motor comes in bearing and non bearing both. Here we give details of a Bearing motor.


Motor Dimension -

Motor Dia (with magnetic Shield)- 44 mm

Motor Dia (without shield) - 42 mm

Motor shaft Dia - 5mm

Motor shaft Length - 15mm

Shaft length on back side - 4mm

Motor body length - 83mm

Full body length - 98mm

Motor Screw Distance - 29 mm

Bearing Size - 16mm


Motor Voltage and Current Rating

Volt - 6v

NO-Load current - 0.18A

Full Load Current - 2.5A

Volt - 12v

NO-Load current - 0.26A

Full Load Current - 6.5A

Volt - 18v

NO-Load current - 0.33A

Full Load Current - 9.5A

Volt - 24v

NO-Load current - 0.48A

Full Load Current - 14A


Suitable Adapter -

For Table Fan - 12 to 15v 5A rated 60 to 75 watts max

For wood Cutting(High Power) - 24v 10A 240 watts SMPS

For grinding & polishing - 12-24v 5A rated 120 watts max depend on work load

For Water pump - 12v 5A Adapter


Suitable Battery -

Lead Acid 12v 7.2 AH or more AH rating will work

Now Lithium Ion battery are more good and easy to handle.

12v battery 1.2AH

12v 7.8 AH

14.8v 1.2AH -

24v 1.2AH

24v 7.8AH

12v battery charger-

24v Battery Charger -

Lipo Battery of 3S also work good.


Motor Torque and Stall Current Rating

6 volt--0.6 Stall Current- 2.5 Amps

12 volt--1.2 Stall Current- 6.5 Amps

18 volt--1.7 Stall Current- 9.5 Amps

24 volt --2.5 Stall Current - 14 Amps


Motor RPM

6 volt - 2400

12 volt - 6300

18 volt - 10100

24 volt - 15100


Load Test at 12volt

100 grms Load RPM - 5800 Current -0.55A

RPM at 5000 Current - 0.86A

RPM at 4000 Current 1.5A

RPM at 3000 Current 2.3A

RPM at 2000 current 3.0A

RPM at 1000 Current 3.7A


Suitable Controller

10A PWM speed controller is best for a single piece Motor


Videos Link-

Torque calculation -

Repairing Video -

Generator Video -


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