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Mumbai Indians is the best T20 team of IPL.Ever.

If someone asks you about a team that will qualify for the playoffs of IPL in any year, what will you answer?

Within a minute you will sort out two or three names. Whatever you chose, Mumbai Indians will be there.

In the history of 12 years of Indian Premier League, MI is the best T20 team. Don't frown at me just right now. There are very strong reasons behind the statement.

To judge any team we always consider three or four sectors. Those are batting superiority, bowling supremacy, fielding agility, and above all, the cunning captaincy of the team.

Throughout these years, MI always has retained their core performers, building up the most powerful kernel among all other teams. We have seen the rise and fall of many teams, but even after 12 years, MI is still looking like waging ahead to the crest of the mountain of 'success'. Year after year, they are refurbishing their victory model again and again and winning all the games of the league

We will discuss why Mumbai is the creme del a creme, the Arab sea queen of IPL.

Batting caliber -

The batting strength of the Blues is a well-known fact. Though some batsmen have shifted to other streams in this time, MI still got their dream opener, Rohit Sharma. South African keeper-batsman Quinton De Kock also accompany Sharma to build a solid startup to a magnificent total score. This has been always so tricky for other teams. We have seen so many changes in the batting order in mid-tournament matches. But for Mumbai, it is almost the same.

The middle-order is just as robust as the top. Hardik Pandya along with Kiron Pollard bailed the team out of sure defeats in countless cases.

Mumbai Indians' batting order is the strongest in the whole IPL.

Spectacular Bowling - This is the part where any IPL team wants to excel. Bowling requires special professional experience in international matches to deliver the right ball at the correct hole at the correct moment. The starting overs of power play may be crucial, but the suspense-fueled death overs that makes or breaks a game.

Mumbai Indian has Jaspreet Bumrah and Trent Boult are the two superstar bowlers who serve this motive efficiently and 'economically'. Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya has also shown his all-rounder skills at many intriguing moments.

The number of all-rounders in this team is just exhilarating. Hardik, Kieron, Krunal has proved their all-round abilities in so many matches.

Fielding Factor -

The average age of the MI team is only 26.4. This only transcends their dexterity in case of fielding the ground.

Over the years this team has maintained an impressive standard of fielding. Thanks to the well-disciplined and sensible field placements by Rohit Sharma always helped the fielder to show their best at the ground.

The perseverance of this team in the fielding section is well maintained by James Pamment. He has well-nursed the team since 2017.

Cool Captaincy-

The god-gifted batting skills, destruction mentality, and an ice-cool brain. Captain Rohit Sharma can be explained with these simple terms. A whopping 5000+ runs in IPL only places him in the elite standard as a batsman alone. The crown jewel of the Blues has always proven his skill as a good captain-batsman.

'A team is as good as its captain.' If a team is as good as Rohit's standard, then they are the best.

This is just an overall idea of why this team in blue scarcely lose a battle. This is the reason this team has won the title 4 times, the highest number by any team in the league. If the thing doesn't go south, Mumbai Indians are already looking at their 5th one this year.

Currently, on any day, against any team in the world, this team looks superior. Yeah. You read it right. You can consider this class team as the best T20 team in any cricket league over the world.

Bombay Blues at their best!

Mumbai Indians is the best T20 team in the IPL. Ever.



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