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MEXIT-Messi leaving Barcelona!! LM10 in Manchester City?

For more than two decades, Messi and Barcelona have become synonymous. Just like Eifel Tower symbolizes Paris, Burj Khalifa represents Dubai, in the same way, the blonde 16-year-old kid iconized FC Barcelona wearing jersey number 10. The 'MES QUE UN' club worships LM10 as a deity. Starting from £988,000 weekly salary to everything else. Don't think that's a one-sided affair. The argentian superstar has already glorified the club with 10 La Ligas, 4 UEFA Champions League, and 6 Copa Del Reys.

Everything was looking good. At least on the outer pages, it was. Messi was scoring goals, winning the matches based on his own magisterial magic.

Then, Bayern Munchen came to the play.

This year's Bundesliga champions thrashed the FC Barcelona in a nefarious 8-2 defeat in the UCL quarterfinal. On the fateful night, when Barcelona was conceding goals after goals, the shadow on ML10 's face was confiding the upcoming decision.

Today, Lionel Messi has filed a transfer request and decided to leave Barcelona at once.

According to our sources, one of the best footballers of all time has decided to join Manchester City, one of the premier clubs of the English Premier League.

After 16 years of Messi magic, we will enjoy the magic in another shirt except for yellow-red. There is news about Manchester City offering Messi a long time contract when the legend can go up to New York City- Manchester City's partner club.

But there's a catch!

The contract Messi had signed in 2017 involves a transfer clause of hefty 700 million euros. If Any club wants to transfer Barca's magnum opus will have to pay every penny of that amount to FCB.

Now, in that contract, Messi already had mentioned that he can leave after any season after 2017 but within a stipulated amount of time. Though Barcelona is saying that the time period is over but the Messi's legal team is denoting the COVID-19 delay.

Barcelona is going through a tough time. Sponsors are cutting loose, rumors of the resignation of the club president Joseph Bartameu have already toppled the functionality of the club. Now, the absence of the crown jewel is going to haunt them for years.

Absolute absence of proper management, recruiting random players incompatible with Barca playstyle, problems with Eric Abidal- these made MEXIT possible.

Whatever, it is almost certain that Messi is going away from Barcelona.

There is no coming back. Not to Barcelona again.


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