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Is Google Chrome going to stop working on your desktop/laptop?

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. People just love the simplicity and clarity of this browser. Among this massive user base, lion's share is using this browser on Windows. It is almost impossible to see a laptop or PC without a Chrome icon shining on the desktop or the taskbar.

But Google has decided to let go of this huge chunk of Windows users!!

It is Windows 7. Not Windows 8 or 10. Google is finally pulling curtains over its Chrome support which is here since 2009. You will not be able to use the Chrome browser after a while. No more updates and the browser will be inoperable after a certain time.

This is bad, if certainly not the worst of 2020!

Almost 27% of Windows users still use Windows 7 on their systems. This number stands for almost 446 million machines worldwide. In this short period, they have to switch to Windows 10 - the latest version of OS Microsoft offers. This is a nightmare especially for the system administrators of educational institutions where Windows 7 is very prevalent.

Microsoft had recently announced that they are going to end the support for Windows 7 as it has come to an end of its service life. This announcement is also very serious, as Microsoft stops the support, security updates will stop flowing to the Windows 7 machines, making these more vulnerable to the newer malware threats.

Google's announcement is kind of the worst thing in bad times. Without any pre-assessment of the crisis, their announcement has caused a worldwide panic. Microsoft is yet to comment on this but we expect that the Chrome support will be here for another year. Maybe 2022 January, will that be enough to buy a new Windows 10 446 million systems?

None knows what 2021 has in store for us.


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