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IPL or T20 World Cup? ICC, BCCI, CA in conundrum

Cricket, like all the major sports, is in a halt throughout the world. Now, at the end of May, as the pandemic is slowing down throughout the world, all the cricket playing nations are starting to think what will be appropriate time and place to resume the gentleman’s game.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this season of IPL-2020 couldn’t be arranged and “postponed indefinitely”. Now, as the grip of the pandemic is losing BCCI is in mood to arrange the premium cricket fest in the month of October-November of this year. But, according to ICC calendar, that time period is reserved for ICC T20 World Cup which is going to be held in Australia, if it is held at all. Let’s take a closer look on what really can happen and what will be the consequences.

Now if IPL doesn’t take place at all this year, BCCI is going to lose a hefty amount of 4000 crore rupees (500 Million $) in total. So, it is reasonable for them to try and arrange the tournament before the year ending. This money not only benefits BCCI and its beneficiaries but also ICC gets a cut of it.

Looking from ICC’s point of view, it is mainly Australia we are talking about. Australian government already disallowed the foreign players to travel to Australia for 6 months and the same goes for Australian players also as international flights are cancelled for a longer period of time.

As COVID-19 impacted every cricket playing nation, weakening them financially, Australia is thinking about an AUS vs INDIA test series at the year ending. This will not only cheer up the spirits of fans, Cricket Australia will also help resurrecting the financial stability of the organization. As of today, they have already sent a schedule of test matches starting from December 3rd,2020. There is a proposal of a day-night test (which will be first for India on foreign soil) from December 11th.

Now, if IPL is set to take place in October, T20 World Cup is needed to be transferred to next year. There is a problem also. The dates of the T20s, ODIs, Test series of 2021 are set already, leaving no empty places at all. If there is two IPLs within 3-4 months, the attraction of the tournament will depreciate for sure.

Most of the Indian and Australian former cricketers are disagreeing upon the point of having IPL over organizing T20 World Cup. Former Australian captain Ian Chappell said “Top players’ obligation should be to Australia.”, clearly opposing the IPL over T20 World cup theory.

ICC, BCCI and CA are in constant chatter to settle the matter. Let’s see what happens!

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