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How to Make a Power Bank At Home

Do you want to make your own Power Bank? If yes then this blog is for you. In this blog you ill get full guidance about how to make a power bank at Home. Its More Cheaper in cost and more reliable than commercial available power bank.

Now to we will going to make a 12000 MAH power bank with 3 USB port for charging.

For making your own power bank you need -

Connection is very simple. You need to connect the Battery positive to Circuit positive and battery negative to circuit negative. Now this is for a single battery. If you want to connect more than 1 battery then connect every battery positive to single connection and every battery negative to a single connection. Now that positive connection will be connected to circuit positive and negative connection will be connected to circuit positive.

Now Some points You need to remember -

  1. Battery positive & negative should not touch each other

  2. if you use 2 pcs 2400 mah battery then total mah is 4800. for 3 pcs its 7200mah.

  3. battery should be 18650 lithium ion battery model.

  4. Double check the solder whether it loose from battery or not.


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